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Shop the World like an Insider


Established in 2020, IRYNE aims to be the leading, direct-to-consumer social-commerce platform for fashion and lifestyle products. We are a curated destination for you to discover great merchants and emerging brands in fashion, lifestyle, and design that were once only insider knowledge.


Share What You Love!  At IRYNE we love fashion and we love products; we want to create a world where the best things in life are shared directly from the makers by well-informed insiders . Our mission is to allow like-minded people, like you, to share tips and knowledge on the coolest products and best stores you love.


IRYNE is founded by Ting-Ting Zhang and William Tan, avid shoppers who love design and quality over branding and slogans. Before founding IRYNE, we used to travel around the world sourcing top quality products for retailers, brands and private clients. 

For these scouting trips, we relied on tips from our network of industry insiders and business contacts on where to find top quality items, from high quality glassware in Istanbul and Venice, artisan denim in Tokyo, exquisite porcelain in Central China, crafted tableware from Portugal, and curated independent designs in Seoul and Hong Kong. 

IRYNE came about because we realised these amazing makers and sellers around the world are known only to insiders, and knowledge about them are often spread only through word-of-mouth. Everyday, everywhere, there are always some of us seeking or sharing our “little black-book of where to get the best version of something”. We decided to build a platform where such insider tips and insider knowledge could be shared amongst like-minded people around the world.


​It is our wish that these emerging brands, talented artisans, unique curators, and top makers are celebrated and connected with customers who appreciate their designs and crafts. 


We cut out the unnecessary markups of traditional retail so you can enjoy great quality, directly from the merchants and artisans, at a cost that's meant to be. Live the good life.

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Our unique shopping club concept allows shoppers to form ad-hoc buying club and enjoy exclusive group-discounts on amazing items. The more you share the more you save!

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