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The Great Indoors

The Great Indoors is a pair of digital and product designers, Keving Lunsong and Samantha Siow, based in Shanghai, China and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - two oddballs that share a deep and unwavering love for vintage design and canvassing for old things which remind of how they and their parents grew up in Malaya.

This series explores the themes of childhood nostalgia mixed with coming-of-age fantasies and taboo. Faux-garish prints and colours lend a permanent backdrop. Borrowing from the kitsch retro mass-market designs and objects that survived well into the 80s, the end result is a series of digital artwork that is quirky, playful, often-times wickedly funny and optimistic. 

Each piece of work is often accompanied by the duo's pithy statement, a reflection of their attitudes towards the subject matter.

Available exclusively on IRYNE

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How it all started...

“Digital illustrations have always been part of our studio’s DNA. We mostly produced commercial work for our clients but spiritually it was never enough. We needed an outlet where we could just draw what we wanted so we did just that.”

Explaining the obsession with hairpins

"Our obsession with hairpins…(Hairpins) are reminiscent of working girls with easy virtues from our hometown. As kids we used to imagine them getting dolled up for the night, putting their hair up or letting their hair down, removing each bobby pin like how a superhero removes his cape. It’s something so innocent yet mystifying, hence for us these pins represent fun, excitement and danger."

On Collecting:

"We collect everything that resonates with our childhood. As long as we can find space for it in our home we will make room. Pop-culture items, old tin-cans, pencil boxes, toys, art, books, things that have in some way touched our lives deserve a place in our collection."

On Influences:

"Alfred E. Neuman and each other. We feed off each other’s weird ideas."


(ed. Yes, he is the fictitious cover boy of Mad Magazine)

What makes you laugh?

We love Anchorman

What makes you nervous?

Getting our peers to review our work. But mostly, whenever Liverpool plays.

Describe your work in three words.

Silly. Dark. Humor.

If we had a coat of arms and motto...