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Kaldera is the brainchild of Jakarta and Paris based duo, Morgan Sizlak and David Haefflinger, who met in Jakarta during fashion week.


Gradually, while working together on artistic, design and photographic projects, they forged a real common passion for ethically produced craft. Distancing from the “corporate world” and spending more time exploring their personal projects, it was during a morning climb of Mount Agung, that they had an epiphany to create jewellery that is inspired by and consists on elements of this landscape: mystical, chaotic, raw but also minimal.

Ethical production is at the heart of each Kaldera piece: Each Kaldera piece is made from recycled 925 silver painstakingly recovered from discarded electronics. These pieces are often adorned by locally sourced Indonesian lava stones.

“Unusual, poetic, transgressive, matte, porous, without reflection or transparency, lava stone is the perfect “anti-precious stone”. She is mystical and yet transmits strong symbols of daring, power and magic.” 

Kaldera’s female, male and unisex designs are all made in the foundry of a traditional Balinese goldsmith, Kaldera fuses the time-honoured knowledge of silver making and processing methods with a modern and minimal design language, bringing real consistency to each of their products.

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"With the forces of nature as a source of inspiration, we want to offer a new angle of approach to jewellery, through a very distinctive identity and universe."

Morgan (L) and David (R)

IRYNE: So, tell me how it all started... There was a hike and some volcanoes involved if I am not wrong? 

Morgan: Exactly, without forgetting a very early wake-up call!  I remember David dragging me in that hike and I’m really not a morning person. But then after, that ascension was a really big revelation; my lung capacity really sucked! 

David: Approaching the smoking crater, I realized volcanoes were such a beauty of Nature, and a bit underrated in terms of touristic destination and as a symbol in our everyday life. We started to talk and throw ideas about what we could do around it. When you reach the top of a volcano at 5am, you get this fresh tremendous energy flowing through you that makes you want to change the world!


I: Ethical sourcing plays a huge part in your brand ethos; how did you arrive at that point? What hurdles did you have to cross to achieve that?

M: It actually came quite naturally because I like to experiment a lot with the designs but for me, a good jewelry design is also about comfort, you really need to forget that you are wearing jewelry while doing so. And that process of trying and failing and retrying was done by melting back the designs that we didn’t like enough. It comes naturally that we should actually use recycled silver for everything we produce.The challenge was to find suppliers that were trustworthy enough, at the end of the day what difference would it make to use recycled silver if it’s done by children?

D: (Nods) Silver jewelry has this capacity of “renewing itself through fire”. I think this is such a strong positioning to propose recycled jewelry. We reached a point now where we don’t need to conquer, dig, mine anymore. We already have so much resources available right now, we can be creative by just transforming them. It’s good for us humans, it’s good for our fragile yet strong planet.   

Describe your perfect weekend: 

M: (Laughs) I don’t do weekends anymore! I Never really liked that concept of putting so much hope in only 2 days of the week. I enjoy it equally every day of the week. But my perfect day is composed of a good balance of self care, creativity and learnings and sharing some love with others

D:  I always seek new places to explore. I am eager for new experiences and I love finding new atmospheres around me. A good weekend is made of discoveries, nice cooking, time with friends & family and why not a good movie. 

David's and Mogan's personal mottos...

"Think less, do more!"

“You don’t need to be ready, to start something”

Complete the sentence: “If I could remove one thing from contemporary life, it would be ____________.”

M:  Social Media! Haha! People are so brain-f**ked by that!

D:  I would remove all screens !!! “team red eyes” here, let’s not forget that our most precious jewelry is our eyes, we should take more care of them!


Shadow-puppeting with Kaldera's designs

(Bangle 'Pyro Mudgara' and ring prototype)

Where would you most like to live? And why? 

M: Maybe New Zealand or Canada, I'm really  into nature and long walks lately. I did live in Australia and loved it.


D: I would say Costa-Rica for the Nature, the colors and the volcanoes. It’s a peaceful country with all ingredients for a sweet chill lifestyle. 

Who are your influences? 

M: What would have been more logicall for me here as I tend to find inspiration in discussions and contemplation. But if I’m thinking of 3 names in different fields I really love the work of Gareth Pugh, Tim Walker, Vasarely.

D: I find my inspiration in dark bold atmospheres and ambiences. Here are my two favorite “atmosphere builder”: Ridley Scott and Pieter Hugo.

What is your greatest extravagance? 

M: Hats! That’s really my kink. I would love to start designing my own hats.

D: I have a huge beard right now, it makes me look more wise. 

Do either of you wear jewellery? What jewellery are you currently wearing right now?

M:  As I have mentioned before, I'm always trying upcoming designs, so I'm wearing one of them as well as a Pyro.

D: I like wearing my Cassiel bracelet, and Bhu on my right hand’s little finger. 

How would you define new luxury?

M: "Having time to do whatever you love"

It always has been. 

D: "New luxury, the ability to be and express yourself and scream your personality."

There is no point today to repeat and imitate what millions are already wearing, buying or doing

Thank you, gentlemen. You have been most entertaining.