Our unique shopping club concept allows shoppers to form ad-hoc buying club and enjoy exclusive group-discounts on amazing items. The more you share the more you save!

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What is Club Buy?

Shopping is meant to be social and we believe good deals ought to be shared.


With Club-Buy, you can now participate in a limited-time, group discount offer on specific products on IRYNE.


Enjoy an additional discount if the specified number of people to form a ‘club‘ is met (e.g. 2 to a Club) Clubs can be formed across different geographic locations and time-zones; you can club with friends or simply start a club, sit back and wait for other like-minded shoppers to join. IRYNE takes care of the rest for you.


Validity period and Countdown


Each Club is valid as soon as the first payment is made. Each club is valid for 48 hours or until the minimum number is met, whichever is earlier.


After this period, if the club is formed, IRYNE will automatically dispatch the orders as per normal.


If the club is not formed, members will be notified immediately via email. IRYNE will process the order as CANCELLED and process the refunds asap.


Participate in a unique social shopping experience and enjoy good deals!


Happy Clubbing!

Note: To provide maximum customer satisfaction, IRYNE reserves the right to process the Club-Buy purchase after 48 hours without it meeting the above criteria.