Hast high performance design satoku knife matte silver.jpg


Award Winning Minimalist Design

Simple but Significant

The design is simple and intuitive, eliminating the seriousness often associated with high-quality cooking tools. We’ve stripped away the unnecessary elements so each knife’s form elevates its function. Hast knives are super light, agile, and perfectly balanced as a result.

Hast knives are visually light and playful, so even the newest cooks will find themselves eager to pull out a cutting board. Sometimes this spark of inspiration is the first, tiny step of the journey to become a great chef.

Hast high perfomrance design kitchen knife-Perfect Balance.jpg

Clean & fine lines

That effortlessly form a simple yet significant shape, timeless and universal.

Hast high perfomrance design kitchen knife-extented ergonomic handle-chef knife.jpg

Seamless Body

By removing the legacy bolster, Hast created a crevice-free body, leaving no corners for stains and grime. Just one rinse and you have a completely clean knife!


Extended handle with an ergonomic shape

The handle is slightly longer, providing an extra support for a firm hold.

The fine polished handle leaves no hardline, fitting into your hand perfectly.