Japanese Style Cocktails

Precision, detail and presentation, three hallmarks of Japanese-style cocktails.

Smoky Drink

With attention to good ingredients, impossibly clear hand-chipped ice, and precise yet fluid movements, bartenders of this style have elevated the act of creating a cocktail into an art form – no wonder we are hooked.

“Japanese mixology uses the best seasonal ingredients and the best tools to “create cocktail[s] for the moment,” according to Uchida-san, who commands not one, but two impressive Omakase cocktail counters at Bar Butler, Hong Kong. These mixologists typically prepare drinks one at a time, with a quiet focus. They then place the bottles for a given drink in front of the imbiber and serve the final libation in hand-crafted glassware atop an otherwise clutter-free bar.

While we cannot hand-chip your ice, we can select some of our favourite glassware and barware and share them with you. Chin-chin!