Because great talents are what fuel great companies

Our Mission

Founded in early 2020, we are on an ambitious mission to create a quality social-commerce marketplace for specialised artisanal makers, talented designers, independent stockists and quality manufacturers.  

We aim to be the go-to destination for millennial-minded consumers, who yearn for a more sociable, equitable, responsible, and dare we say, value-driven way of consumption, without sacrificing trendiness and premium quality. Because New Luxury is more than just a big name label, New Luxury is about knowing what matters.

Our Proposition to our Customers


"Be the Product and Trend leader for a niche category" that plays to the strengths of the brands and merchants on our platform (Selective Quality Leadership).


We choose to focus on a very few verticals, themes and messages.  By keeping the message on-target, IRYNE activates a channel for customers to resonate with our message.  


We cannot be everything for everybody; so instead, we focus on being something for somebody.

Why Join Us


We are a young and very focused and driven startup. We are founded by people who love products with a passion, but above and beyond also value and recognise its impact on culture, on people, on the supply chain and on the environment. We believe together, we can make a difference.


If you are an industry expert who wants to truly make a difference; if you believe e-commerce can be trendy, cool, progressive, sustainable, fair, slow, sociable and authentic, then IRYNE is the place for you to build something meaningful.

If you aspire to be part of a team that is highly creative, think fast, act fast, and want to just get straight to the point, then we would love to have you on board.



We are flexible as to where you are situated.

We are looking to fill these positions in either Shanghai or Hong Kong – we will consider exceptional applicants from elsewhere too; most importantly, a connection to the Asian consumer market and Asian millennial psyche is crucial.

If you’re interested in any of the positions listed below, send us an email with the position as the subject of the email:, and include your CV / resume / portfolio, and anything else that helps us better understand you and the value you’ll bring to our team. 

Current Roles

Merchandise Cool-hunter (EN)

“酷猎手” 岗位/  Merchandise Cool-hunter (CN)
Social Media Content Marketing Internship (NEW)

Archived Roles (Closed)

Social Media Campaign Strategist – Facebook and Instagram Marketing

Art and Design Assistant (Closed)


Merchandise Cool-hunter

Do you relish in the little details in things? Are you highly attuned to products, designs, and styling trends? Do you keep obsessive tabs on emerging brands and designers? Are you in love with fashion, lifestyle, and furniture?


The merchandising mandate is to keep IRYNE’s merchandising cool, fresh, relevant and in-step with our values.

If you have amazing talent in uncovering good designs and products, and have the passion and drive bring these products to a wider market, this is the perfect role for you.

Key Responsibilities Include

  • Start with customer focused objectives and work backwards:

    • Anticipate customer expectations, changing customer shopping behaviours, spot gaps in our customer experience.

    • Anticipate shifts in consumer and cultural trends

    • And then go on to build solutions to address and wow our Customers.

  • As a strong leader, great communicator and negotiator, you will have good business judgment and analytical horsepower to break down complex problems and the willingness to roll up sleeves

  • Create 3 to 12-month execution plan aligned with the business targets that is quantifiable (GMV).

  • Strong negotiator that can build and execute a negotiation strategy. Understand various P&L levers used in a negotiation and associated trade-offs.

  • Work together with the brand/supplier(s) to drive onboarding, promotional activities, new product launches, etc. while focusing on inputs to delight customers

  • Consult with internal stakeholders when necessary (relating to finance, tech, legal, marketing, etc.). Can build strong professional bonds and trust quickly.

  • Able to balance strategy with strong operational skills - able to understand, deconstruct, streamline and optimize complex, large-scale business processes

  • Always ensure business goals and plans are in line with “Wowing the Customer.”

  • NEVER sacrifices customer experience for short-term goal

The Experience You Will Bring

  • 3+ yrs of relevant work experience in brand/item sourcing, vendor management or business development role in China market

  • Working knowledge of Chinese Mandarin is required

  •  Proven manager with a successful, resourceful and hands-on track record of running a complex business end-to-end combined with strong P&L experience

  • Strong retail, ecommerce or product background with proven ability to drive change

  • Superb negotiator with experiences in dealing with C-level suppliers

  • Demonstrable ability to build lasting relationships and conduct negotiations with leading global and local brands to obtain preferable terms and win-win solutions

  • Proven analytical skills and ability to influence people both internally and externally

  • Decisive and able to move with speed to implement ideas

  • A passionate self-starter, ready to take IRYNE’s customer experience to the next level

  • Ability to prioritize work and to find a way in a complex, fast-paced environment

Preferred Qualifications

  • Technology affinity and track record of employing systems to drive innovation

  • Fluent in English and working knowledge of Mandarin. (Additional languages would be good to have but not a must)

  • Minimum Bachelor's degree

  • We welcome a wide array of relevant majors – If you have a business or STEM degree, but breathe art and fashion, we would love to meet you!

  • Experience working in eCommerce industry and/or specialist retail.


“酷猎手” 岗位






因此,我们尽可能选择对可持续方式创造产品的品牌、品牌、及供应商 – 例如使用环保材料、传统制作工艺、或与工匠社区建立平等伙伴关系,或回馈社会等













如果您渴望加入一个具有高度创意的团队- 想得快,行动快;不崇尚“套路、玩法”只喜欢直接了当的干活儿,那么我们很乐意与您一起闯出一番名堂来!


  • 负责新兴国际电商行业的商家引入与拓展工作,对商家的持续拓展与新增,对各品类的商家丰富度负责

  • 主动挖掘商家合作需求,积极开拓合作资源及渠道,参与引入与后续营销方案的策划,促成合作落地

  • 能够组织和策划大型会销,吸引客户参会并完成转化

  • 通过内外部资源统筹与团队协作,快速满足商家需求,提高商家对平台的粘性,推动业务发展壮大

  • 负责轻奢时尚、家具,及生活品类做合理估价,包含供应商供货价及c端的售卖价

  • 捕捉“国际中上收入80后“ 消费者及市场需求,合理安排进销存计划及营销活动,驱动销售提升和客户活跃度提升


  • 本科及以上学历

  • 3年以上电商行业经验,有丰富的电商行业客户、政府商务部门关系或者行业协会资源者优先

  • 熟悉电商行业市场及主流电商平台的运营模式、合作拓展方式,熟悉商务谈判的流程及丰富的商务洽谈实操经历

  • 了解商家的经营状况,销售思维强,擅长维护核心商家,并有较强的招商、谈判能力

  • 与供应商接洽谈判,控制采购费用,降低采购成本,争取供应商资源的投入

  • 熟悉头条、一条、快手、拼多多、淘宝、京东以及其他各媒体、电商平台的营销模式,了解主流电商平台的商家入驻规则、优势和痛点

  • 具备较强的自我管理能力,优秀的表达能力和沟通技巧

  • 具备较强的责任心和服务意识,执行力强,富有团队合作精神

  • 英语基础知识(书面和口语)优先


Art and Design Assistant

Are you highly creative and relentlessly curious about beautiful things?  Do you love to use visual arts to tell stories in fun and compelling ways?

We are seeking and Art and Design assistant to join our creative team to create visual poetry for social media, ad campaigns and product photoshoots.

The applicant must have expertise and knowldge in a variety of visual art fields such as: illustration, graphic design, interior design, animation, photography, or craft (sculpture, pottery, screen printing, collage, origami, etc. –– anything that requires working directly with your hands to create).


Must be competent visual communicators with the ability in the following software programs (the more the better): Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, After Effects, 3D Max, HTML, Keynote / Powerpoint.


*Portfolios and social media handles are prerequisites for this vacancy

美术 / 设计助理

申请者需有较强的创意能力和对美好事物的无尽好奇,同时需具备视觉艺术领域的相关专业技能,包括但不限于:插画、平面设计、室内设计、动画、平面摄影或工艺制作(雕塑、陶器、丝网印刷、拼贴、折纸艺术等任何需要亲手制作的工艺)。我们对于视觉传达设计师的软件技能要求为熟悉并擅长使用:Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, After Effects, 3D Max, HTML, Keynote / Powerpoint (越多越好)。



Social Media Content Marketing Internship (6 months)

Do you have a way with words?


 We are looking for curious and talented social media marketeers with a global point of view to help move forward our mission to celebrate culture and creativity in Asia. If you are interested in joining our  team as a Content Marketing Intern, we would love to hear from you. This would be a great opportunity to flex your creative muscles and chalk up some vital work experience with a group of outgoing , entrepreneurial and energetic folks.

Your Responsibilities include…


Work in tandem with SEM Manager to plan and execute social media and paid media marketing campaigns.

Content Planning and Creation for both imagery (images and videos) and copy editing including

  • Weekly blog content

  • Fortnightly emailers

  • Regular Social Media Outreach and engagement with KOL s and followers.

Provide Event Launch Supports for monthly brand launch campaigns

Ideally, you’d have some combination of...

  • Interest and ability to adapt to a start-up environment (agile and fliud)

  • Ability to organise the work around remote desking, work independently and proactively offer information in a timely fashion

  • Deep Social Media experience

  • Love for design, fashion and cultural matters

  • Excellent writing and communication skills.

Interested, please send in your CV to our Hiring team at

Please also include the following:

  1. Cover Letter

  2. One-page CV

  3. Links to portfolio of works (may include , but not limited to Blogs, Photography, Personal or Professional Instagram handle)

If you have never received training in writing a cover letter before, please search online for guidelines on how to write a cover letter. We take cover letters very seriously!

End of job vacancies

Archived Positions


Social Media Campaign Strategist – Facebook and Instagram Marketing

- This position has been filled

Are you a Facebook and Instagram Ad wizard? Are you a seasoned campaigner in e-Commerce acquisition & lead-generation budgets? Do you love digging into the data and orchestrate your way into ROI positive campaigns?


Would you like to be a part of an energetic and dedicated founding team and build a ground-breaking e-commerce platform from the ground up?


If you answered YES to any of the above, then we would love to chat with you.

Key Responsibilities Include

  • Strategize, execute, and manage a variety of Facebook ad campaigns for IRYNE and the collaborating brands from: conception to creative to execution to analysis. We want thought leaders.

  • Continuously measure and optimize campaign performance while also establishing benchmarks and recommending future tests.

  • Develop marketing strategies and marketing plans to support and achieve the business objectives.

  • Leveraging our real-time data dashboards and a plethora of reporting tools, you will be tasked with communicating campaign performance to management and our brands and creating a clear road-map for the future.

  • Devise and evaluate methods for collecting data, such as surveys, questionnaires, and opinion polls.

  • Gather data on consumer, competitor, and market conditions.

  • Prepare reports and present results to the team and collaborating brands.

The Experience You Will Bring

  • A quality portfolio of PAID Facebook ADVERTISING experience. (Blueprint certified preferred) (Please include portfolio)

  • 2+ years of experience managing your own clients/accounts. (Any industry)

  • Experience in video campaigns, ads campaigns, lead-gen campaigns, retargeting, etc.

  • Advance knowledge of Google Analytics.

  • Strong, professional verbal communication.

  • Excellent writing and creative content skills

  • Experience with Google Shopping, Tiktok, SnapChat, Banner Display are looked upon favourably but not mandatory. 

  • Persistence. Demonstrates willingness to go the distance to get something done

  • Self-starter with well-developed interpersonal and influencing skills

  • Exceptional time management skills, including the ability to handle multiple projects and ongoing work items; while effectively managing changing priorities… In other words, you are comfortable in an ambiguous, fast-paced environment

  • Innovative thinker and collaborative team player. A willingness to check the ego at the door is very important. We love humble geniuses. 




  • Minimum Bachelor’s Degree in related fields

  • In the absence of degrees in the related fields, applicants should have diplomas in either Digital Marketing, Data Science, Information Technology or related analytics field

 Ideally, some combination of...

  • Start-up experience

  • Social Media Retail experience

  • Love for design and cultural matters

  • A curious and learner’s mindset 


Employment Type

  • Contract / Full-time

Job Functions

  • Digital Marketing

Position filled