3 Festive Feast Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

Christmas Dinner; The cheery noises from the family gathered, Christmas spirit floating around the room and the wholesome smell of the feast cannot be missed. Can you believe that we’ve been gobbling turkey at Christmas as far back as the 16th century, with Henry VIII famously the first English monarch to eat the bird on Christmas Day?

Now served up in homes across the globe, a big bird with all the trimmings is as much a part of Christmas as decorating the tree and preparing gifts for our loved ones. But with so many different elements to juggle, cooking the traditional festive feast can seem like a pressuring task.

Lucky for you, we’ve pulled together three handy tips that will help make preparing and cooking the Christmas meal a piece of cake.

1. ALWAYS prepare in advance

According to Joe Wright, Chef at Joseph Benjamin in Chester, it’s not about the shortcuts (sorry folks!). It’s actually about preparing as much as you can in advance, so on the day of the actual feast, you only need to worry about a few things to cook! Take a few days before your feast day to prep your sauces, stuffings and even your pigs in blankets! That way, on Christmas day, you just got to focus on roasting and veggies.

2. Cook your veg with your turkey

Long gone are the days of juggling pots and pans on top of the stove filled with veg, roast them in with your turkey instead! Tom Anglesea, the Head Chef at Laughing Heart, likes to put the roasted veggies underneath the turkey so that all the delicious juices roast the veg while the bird is cooking. He also recommends adding a few cloves of garlic, and some thyme, bay and rosemary to give it that extra flavours.

3. Get the fam involved

There's a reason why restaurant kitchens have a lot of chefs - there's a lot of prep work to complete. Get help from the family and make it a family tradition to prepare for Christmas dinner together! It’s a great way to spend time and bond with your loved ones, especially during the festive season.

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