3 Vegan Materials You Should Look Out For In Vegan Clothing

Committing to Veganism rules out a number of common fabric options to our wardrobe. Lucky for us, there are many feasible substitutes out there to build ourselves our very own cruelty-free closet, without compromising on style.

Many brands in the market tend to pride themselves on being sustainable and cruelty-free, however, many a time, the materials that they use for their clothing, create a significant amount of harm.

Here are three vegan materials to keep your eyes peeled for when you’re shopping for your vegan wardrobe.

1. Organic cotton
Unlike conventional cotton, organic cotton is grown from natural (non-genetically modified) seeds and without the use of pesticides, ensuring that it is much kinder to the earth and safer on your skin.

Organic cotton is also irrigated using 80% rainwater, making it much less of a drain on energy and resources. With the world's water supplies under threat, organic cotton is a fantastic way to dress responsibly.

2. Piñatex
Made from pineapple leaf fibres, Piñatex is a natural leather alternative. These leaves – which are normally discarded – are taken from pineapple harvests and processed to make this incredibly durable fabric. The production of Piñatex is completely earth-friendly and the companies responsible are working with pineapple farmers to add a whole new income stream to their businesses.

3. Cork
Incredibly durable and great for the environment, cork is harvested from cork oak trees and is 100% sustainable. Cork farming actually has a negative carbon footprint, meaning that supporting products that use this material has an incredibly positive impact on the planet. It is also waterproof, hypoallergenic, and soft to the touch.

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