3 Work From Home Playlists That Will Make Work Less Painful

Working from home can be great for some. Between having the flexibility of being able to pop off for a minute to enjoy some alone time at home and saving travelling time, it may sound great.

But let’s be real, work is still work. Sometimes, it can be really painful to get through the day with insane numbers of back to back meetings and working till it’s dark outside because you’re home and you’ve lost your sense of time.

We can’t make work less painful, but we do know that music helps! Here are 3 work from home playlists for you to jam to, to help ease that pain.

1. Work From Home Playlist by Spotify

From one of the leaders in music streaming services, we have Spotify’s curated playlist of Work From Home songs to help you get through those 8 hours of your day. Featuring pop tunes by big names in the industry such as Shawn Mendes, Miley Cyrus and Elton John, this playlist will definitely have you jamming through your work hours.

2. Working from Home Songs for Productivity by Owl Labs

Owl Labs is the world’s first 360° camera, mic, and speaker device. The playlist, though it’s only 2 hours long, the playlist features some great songs that are slow and acoustic to give you that calm vibe to get through the workday.

3. Lo-Fi Beats by Spotify

If you’re looking for some chill vibes, something similar to café music, Spotify’s got your back. The lo-fi beats playlist is a whopping 25 hours long. Featuring Indie artists that take on a softer vibe, this playlist is perfect for relaxing, studying and working.

Working From Home (WFH) has become such an integral part of our lives with the pandemic, it’s important that we are looking after ourselves mentally and physically. Make your WFH space more conducive with our specially curated products. Shop the collection here!