A Wellness Expert’s Top Five Items

With everyone working from home due to the pandemic, working hours blurred and the two respective spaces being mixed into one, work-life balance becomes something of the past. While achieving work-life balance may seem difficult now, let’s start small with the products we buy.

We spoke to Alex Loh, founder of Actxa Wellness Solutions, and he found five items through the lenses of achieving work-life balance.

1. Personal Barista

The Personal Barista brews coffee and froths milk simultaneously with a one-click operation. Simply select one of five desired modes on the touchscreen and enjoy a café-style beverage within just 3 minutes.

Whether work mornings or weekend home-cooked brunches, we can definitely envision everyone using the Personal Barista! Work-Life Balance, CHECK!

2. Balance Board Trainer

Sitting down and working eight hours a day, five days a week can really take a toll on your back, spine, hips, and more.

Alex chose our Balance Board Trainer as a work-life balance item as not only does it train your core, improve your balance and overall fitness, it definitely helps in working the muscles in your back and more to help stretch it out from all that sitting.

3. Little Hill Whisky Glass & Stand

Next on Alex’s list is this gorgeous glass tumbler with a uniquely fitted timber coaster stand. The little hill that holds the glass to the stand is a unique yet quiet feature.

This beautiful glass comes in a handy size and is versatile enough for a workday morning cup of an iced cuppa or that after-work whisky that we all need from time to time.

4. Klein Blue Enamel Mug

This handmade enamel cup from the Klein Blue series is inspired by a colour (IKB) and is named after Yves Klein. Fluid art is another source of inspiration for this enamel cup. The diversity brought by the irregular and non-repetitive marbleised patterns means every cup is unique.

Whether it’s to give you inspiration for work or to serve your guests during dinner time, these mugs are definitely the epitome of work-life balance.

5. Capsule Decanter

The last on Alex’s amazing work-life balance list is this exquisitely blown decanter-glass set. This is minimalism at its finest.

The perfectly shaped vessel is a beauty to behold. Whether it inspires you at work to think out of the box or to flaunt your friends during dinner gatherings, this is one for the wishlist!

After leaving his career in teaching in 2013, Alex started Actxa Wellness Solutions to help individuals and organisations harness fitness, health, and wellness as the vehicle to build sustainable solutions. Read more about Alex’s inspiring story here and don’t forget to check out his work-life balance items only on IRYNE.