CHACCRA - Nepal-Inspired Homewares

Modular rugs that offer functional, adaptable and long-lasting designs for lovers of beautiful interiors, turn away from ‘throwaway culture'. A part of this group sits CHACCRA, an international team of creatives who design handcrafted rug and homeware collections that are inspired by Nepalese culture and spiritualism.

CHACCRA combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design to produce creative collections for mindful and energised homes. Their designs are thoughtfully created to encourage balance, adventure, and self-expression in modern homes and are passionately handcrafted in Nepal by local artisans.

CHACCRA uses natural and recyclable fibres and localised small batch production to encourage long-term ownership of heirloom pieces that are purchased to withstand the test of time and changing trends.

With small batch production, CHACCRA collaborates closely with interior designers to produce one-of-a-kind designs that can be customised to fit a variety of spaces and styles. With a production time of roughly three months, CHACCRA rugs are for people who are invested in each item's journey and who want to experience the authenticity of adventure in Nepalese craft and design.

CHACCRA aims to enhance local and international appreciation of Nepalese culture through inspiring and empowering newer generations of creative entrepreneurs and craftspeople in Nepal. Their collections are created to promote originality and creativity in a new generation of designers via the innovation of traditional Nepalese crafts. 

In its support of Nepalese craftsmen and the environment, CHACCRA strives to be a responsible firm by partnering with and assisting local entrepreneurs and is committed to providing economically and socially sustainable options for its employees.

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