Generation Gap? No, Generation Coffee.

Generation Coffee – a coffee stall in Tekka Market that sells, you guessed it, coffee. But here's the twist: From kopi-O to lattes, Generation Gap seeks to be the bridge between the new and old generations; putting a modern twist on old-school roasts to bring people together. 

We spoke to one of their co-founders, Zender, who tells us more about starting Generation Coffee and his passion for coffee. 

Generation Coffee

665 Buffalo Rd, Tekka Centre, #01-321

Singapore 210665

Mon-Sat, 7am-3pm

IRYNE (I): Hi! Can you introduce yourself?

Zender (Z): Hi, I’m Zender and I’m one of the co-founders of Generation Coffee.

I: We understand that Generation Coffee is bridging the generation gap with coffee. Is that true? Can you tell us more about it?

Z: Actually, what we want to do is to bridge the gap between traditional and specialty coffee and we hope by doing so we can bring different generations of people together. In Singapore, we have both traditional and specialty coffee. Generally speaking, the older folks will prefer traditional coffee whereas the younger generations prefer specialty coffee. We saw this gap and thought that we are able to fill them.

We know that the concept works when we see families coming to us ordering all different kinds of coffee. It’s quite a heartwarming sight to see different generations of people gathering together, enjoying their choice of coffee and having a great conversation.

Generation Coffee is also about the education on specialty coffee. Many older folks didn’t have the chance to try them. Their impression of specialty coffee = western coffee. To them, western coffee just tastes like milk or it is not strong enough for them. So whenever we can, we will share with them how to appreciate specialty coffee. We did manage to convert some and you can see them coming back again and again for their latte!

I: When did you start Generation Coffee?

Z: We started Generation in Dec 2020 during the COVID period.

I: What drew you to start Generation Coffee?

Z: The love of different types of coffee I guess. The thought of being able to provide affordable and quality coffee for more people.

I: What are your inspirations for starting Generation Coffee?

Z: First of all, I think what inspired me to start my own business is having the ability to control and make changes at my will. Coming from a big organisation, it is harder to make changes. After 9 years, it wore me down and I think maybe it’s time for me to make changes to my life instead.

Having a wife who enjoyed her work, makes me think of how I should enjoy what I do as well.

I: What are some coffee recommendations from Generation Coffee?

Z: Our most popular coffee at the stall is kopi and latte. But recently, we have also seen an increase in kopi O kosong

I: We understand that Generation Coffee has a store in Tekka Market, why Tekka Market, not a cafe in the East? Do you see this as a revolution for cafes?

Z: We always wanted to set up a coffee stall in the hawker because it seems fitting to the Generation’s concept. Tekka Market wasn’t on the list, originally. But we found an uncle who was looking to retire and wanted to let go of his drink stall. We came down to have a chat and we clicked pretty well. And the rest was history.

Revolution, maybe not. But I think it is more of providing different options for the consumer.

I: Who/What are your top 3 inspirations in life?

Z: My daughter - she constantly surprises me as she grows. Sometimes, it just gives me the boost I needed for some concept.

A friend - Zeth is a friend I knew during my days in the Air Force. He actually allowed me to realise there’s so much more than just doing your job right.

Steve Jobs - He is one of the most motivated entrepreneurs of all time. I think his constant pursuit of perfection created really amazing things for the world.

I: What can we look forward to seeing from Generation Coffee in the rest of 2022?

Z: We wanted to venture into another space. A place where we can showcase the roasting of coffee beans and serve some traditional bites to go along with our coffee. We are still looking around for a location that is big enough to accommodate our idea.