good intentions. – where it's always a good time

We walked down East Coast Road in the scorching Singapore heat and stumbled upon good intentions.. Immediately, we were charmed by their minimalistic aesthetics and the delicious aroma of coffee. 

A few months later, we had the opportunity to sit down with Hamzi, a barista working there and a musician, to answer some of our questions about the brand and himself. 

good intentions. is an all-day dining restaurant, with coffee & liquor; where flavour and textures are harmonised. With many years of expertise in bar-tending under its belt, the restaurant seeks to attend, delight and evoke childlike wonder through genuine connection and practical offerings.

good intentions.

45 East Coast Road

Singapore 428765

10am-10.30pm daily

IRYNE (I): We understand that good intentions. is part of a group, can you tell us more about the other brands under the group?

HAMZI (H): I actually used to be a regular at good intentions.’s sister company, Good Luck (which used to be known as Good Luck Beerhouse). They are very passionate craft beer people who focus a lot on quality and having a good time.

I: So, who is Hamzi? Tell us more about yourself.

H: Well, I'm Hamzi and I'm a very inquisitive guy. I consider myself a student of the world and have a lot of passion for anything that has to do with craftsmanship and science. I love how a craft can go into detail on small elements – for example, Temperature or the day a lemon is juiced - can make a difference to how it tastes and can make someone’s day or night overall.

I: When was good intentions. started?

H: good intentions. opened in October 2021. 

I: And why the name good intentions.?

H: good intentions. is all about accessibility. It's to welcome anyone and everyone to try a good craft beer, a good coffee, and good cocktails without having to break the bank. We also believe in being good to our neighbours and just having heart in what we do. Hence, we come with good intentions.. 

I: As you know, the neighbourhood is filled with restaurants, bars and cafés; what makes good intentions. stand out amongst the crowd?

H: I would really love to think it’s the hat. But really, I think what stands out is that we are friendly and approachable. I personally don’t just believe in good service but also in making connections and making sure everyone has a good time while they're here.

I: good intentions. is where 'flavours and textures are harmonised'. How do you guys harmonise coffee with food?

H: I think it’s about understanding people’s needs more than going deep into food pairings and palettes. It’s as simple as looking at the weather and guessing if someone needs an Iced Long Black with their hashbrowns and eggs. Yes, I said hashbrowns with an ‘s’.

I: So, what are some of your favourite coffee pairings here?

H: Probably an Iced Long Black with a Strawberry Lemon Meringue Pie.

I: We also understand that you’re a musician as well, can you tell us more about that? 

H: Music was my first love. And I can’t say I’m amazing at it but I love how music, back when I used to play open mic nights with my friends, brought us together. It was wholesome and probably expanded my musical vocabulary a lot.

I: What drives your creativity? 

H: If I could summarise it in one word, it would be 'balance'. It’s the biggest driving factor to not only creativity but life in general. And it’s the singular greatest thing I’ve learnt in making coffee. Understanding how to extract and balance taste profiles from a single ingredient. Then balance in working speed and making sure the craft is done right. Balancing room for creativity and business. Balancing being a boss and being a friend. Finding balance is where it drives room for creativity for me.

I: Who/What are your top 3 inspirations in life?

H: My mom, my work teachers and probably my cat. I aspire to be like my cat.

I: What can we look forward to seeing from good intentions. and yourself in the rest of 2022?

H: Just having a good time at the space. No big frills, just a wholesome time.