How to Start Collecting Ceramics

Ceramic is one of the oldest mediums, dating as far back as the Paleolithic era. However, it has long been excluded from the status of fine art, often sidelined as craft or design in the Western art market. In recent years, ceramic art has been gaining popularity—from small, independent galleries and concept boutiques to major art institutions, auction houses, and fairs.

With this market flourishing, here are some tips to think about when collecting ceramic art.

1. Look for artists that are breaking the mold

Today, many contemporary artists are approaching ceramics in new, whimsical, genre-bending, and even tactfully irreverent ways. The field of contemporary ceramics contains an immeasurable breadth of varied approaches and explorations of the medium.

2. Embrace the new—and the newly rediscovered

While contemporary artists are continually creating new, trailblazing ceramic works, there are also many artists that have laid the groundwork, with their works only surfacing in the fine art market.

3. Follow institutions that specialize in ceramics

Because ceramic art is so new to the art market, it can be difficult to determine which works will accrue the most value in the long term. For those looking for a stable investment, a vetted artist that is represented by a trusted institution or gallery is the best bet.

The market for ceramic art is relatively new and definitely a booming one that will come with the years. Kick start your collection with some of our ceramic art pieces here!