IRYNE's Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide 2022

With Mother's Day around the corner, everyone is searching for THE perfect gift for their mothers. The perfect gift to show the love and appreciation we have for the women who raised us and taught us life lessons that no one else could. 

Shop for the perfect Mother's Day gift with our IRYNE Ultimate Mother's Day Gift Guide! The best part? All the products featured can be purchased right here!

For cooking lovers:

Does your mom love to whip up new dishes for the family and being in the kitchen is her being in her element? Get a set of Hast knives for your mom this Mother's Day! Hast knives are super light, agile, and perfectly balanced as a result. Hast knives are also visually light and playful, so even the newest cooks will find themselves eager to pull out a cutting board! 

For shoe lovers:

Mom with a love for shoes? We got you! Check out the extensive collection of NAE Vegan shoes that IRYNE has to offer! No Animal Exploitation, also known as the brand NAE, is a Vegan footwear brand born in Portugal. Their mission to propose an animal-friendly and ecological alternative against human exploitation has been in motion since 2008. They are easily one of the best vegan shoe brands in Singapore out of the many in the market.

For accessory lovers:

Accessorising is the most important step in an outfit. Cue Kaldera, the brainchild of Jakarta and Paris based duo, Morgan Sizlak and David Haefflinger, who met in Jakarta during fashion week. Ethical production is at the heart of Kaldera pieces, each Kaldera piece is made from recycled 925 silver painstakingly recovered from discarded electronics. These pieces are often adorned with locally sourced Indonesian lava stones.

For bag lovers:

Who doesn't love a fashionable yet functional bag? Terrida, an eponymous travel leather goods company founded in 1970 by Sergio Terrida and his wife Anna, is run by second-generation owners Monica and Pierluigi who upkeep this tradition of craft and innovation by creating bespoke bags. To this day the company extols values and principles laid down by Sergio and Anna that are characterised by an eye quality, craft and a commitment to regionally sourced materials. The end result is a first-quality product constructed and designed to stand the test of time.

For self-care lovers:

Nothing screams self-care like a nice scented candle that fills the room. BURN BABY BURN is a local candle brand founded by Alethea Tang. In building a community of celebration and acceptance with a touch of humour and impertinence in mind, BURN BABY BURN hopes that everyone can find the strength in numbers, and through that, find the strength within ourselves to lift our bell jars and ignite the flame in all of us. 

For interior design lovers:

Does your mom decorate your house with aesthetic things that just look one of a kind? Get her a gift from Atelier Errance! A ceramics studio committed to the creation of contemporary art and design, paying attention to the details of daily life, and releasing the internal strength of art and design through a cross-disciplinary practice, Atelier Errance, founded in France in 2012 by ceramicists Huang Yijie and Chen Xiang, hopes that through a series of daily actions such as seeing, touching and using, people can discover themselves and the vitality of art and design.