NAE - The Vegan Shoe to Rep

No Animal Exploitation, also known as the brand NAE, is a Vegan footwear brand born in Portugal. Their mission to propose an animal-friendly and ecological alternative against human exploitation has been in motion since 2008. They are easily one of the best vegan shoe brands in Singapore out of the many in the market. 

Manufactured in certified and ethical factories in Portugal, NAE produces and sells a wide array of ethical vegan shoes for any season and occasion. Wait no more and check out some of our favourite pairs!

Jake Black NAE Vegan Shoes

If you’re looking for a comfortable pair of vegan leather shoes for yourself or your loved one, the Jake Black NAE Vegan shoes are the perfect pair. Jake takes on the classic blucher silhouette, made from a mix of microfibres including a mixture of cotton, polyester, and nylon (which is recycled whenever possible), forming vegan leather. With the cut, lining and insole made from OEKO-TEX STANDARD certified microfibers, these formal shoes take on a minimalist design, produced in a CO2-free system.

Dante Brown NAE Vegan Shoes

Looking for a classy yet stylish pair of vegan shoes to add a ‘pop’ of colour to your outfit? Dante Brown NAE Vegan shoes adopt the classic men's Derby shoes. Made with eco-friendly embossed natural cork, this highly resistant to water and breathable pair makes it perfect for any season!

Jor Black NAE Vegan Shoes

 Head to the great outdoors (with safety measures!) with the Jor Black NAE Vegan shoes! These breathable vegan running shoes are made with GRS certified recycled plastic bottles and feature EVA light soles and polyester laces.

These are only scraping the surface of the array of designs and styles that NAE produces. Shop the vegan footwear brand on IRYNE today!