New Year’s Resolution - How to Start Collecting

Building a solid art collection definitely requires time and extensive knowledge, whether you’re acquiring them for decorative purposes, as an investment, or for love and passion for the arts.

If you’re looking to start your very own art collection in 2022, here’s a quick beginners guide on where to start:

1. Set a budget

Before you even dive into the world of art and look for pieces to collect, set a budget. This budget will allow you to decide what is available for you to buy and where. Start off small and gradually increase your budget as you grow your collection, confidence, and understanding of art.

A budget of $1,000 or less could be a good starting point but this could vary depending upon your income.

2. Define your goals

What are you looking to achieve with the art collection? Outlining your motivation for buying art will have a huge impact on the kind of collection you end up building. A good approach is to ‘Marie Kondo’ it; buy what you love and brings you joy. You will have to live with the art you purchase, so it is better to invest in something that will inspire you every day.

3. Do your research

After setting your budget and defining your goals, it’s time to do some research. To ensure that you have an enjoyable experience collecting art, immerse yourself fully in the art world and do some research!

Learn about the various types of artworks, mediums, and styles; read up on artists, visit museums and galleries, or find artworks you love on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.). When you see more art, you will start understanding the difference between various techniques, mediums, and styles used by different artists. Most importantly, you will train your mind and eye to identify the types of art you love and enjoy more than others.

Once you’re ready, kick start your art collection with our Collectibles Collection! Happy collecting!