• In 1884, Edward Hauck of Brooklyn patented a three-part metal shaker with a built-in strainer and cap – this cocktail shaker came to be known as the Cobbler Shaker (after the most popular cocktails of that era).


    While this beautiful contraception was largely overtaken in popularity by the Boston Shaker, ubiquitous with the American-style bar, its revival can be attributed to the popularity of the Japanese cocktail bar over the past decade.


    Our 500ml Cobbler Shaker comes in different colours and although it may not make your cocktail taste better, it will most certainly make you look good shaking it!



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    304 Cobbler Shaker Rose Gold 500ml

    • Material: 304 Stainless Steel

      Finishing Process: Electroplating

      Capacity: 500ml

      Dimensions: 19.5cm (H), 8cm (W) at mouth

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