• Enigma is a single-piece minimalist choker made of 925 recycled silver and embellished on either ends with lava stones from the Agung volcano of Bali.


    So named Enigma because its resemblance to the  mysterious and intriguing geometry of the question mark, the ultimate symbol of an enigma.


    Enigma forms part of the Ignisme collection,  which are inspired by volcanoes. The porous texture of basalt give sensual sensation to the touch; its graphite black colour matches perfectly with silver.


    Each piece is handmade and is a timeless and robust item that will never go out of style

    Enigma Necklace

    • Kaldera conjures up jewellery that is raw, mystical and minimalist  - an homage to the most powerful element on Earth. 

      "With the forces of nature as a source of inspiration, we want to offer a new angle of approach to jewellery, through a very distinctive identity and universe." says the French duo, David and Morgan, who founded Kaldera as personal and artistic explorations as well as an antidote to the corporate world they were part of.

      Using recycled 925 silver painstakingly recovered from discarded electronics , and locally sourced Indonesian lava stones, ethical production is at the heart of each Kaldera piece.    

      Made in the foundry of a traditional Balinese goldsmith,  Kaldera fuses the time-honoured knowledge of silver making and processing methods with a modern and minimal design language, bringing real consistency to each of their products.

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