• The artists behind this series of vases experimented with various shapes and colour before arriving at this composition. The combination of stunning colours and minimalistic forms makes this series a beauty to behold.


    Evocative of both ancient pottery and Industrial-age constructivist forms, the vases are simultaneously pagan and machinic. The matte sand glaze finish gives these vases a rock-n-roll attitude that one does not usually see in pottery ware. Displayed alone or in a trio, this item will be a key feature in any room.


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    Sand Glaze Vase - Shape 11 in Forest Green

    • Origin: Jingdezhen, China

      Material: Ceramic

      Craft: Hand-crafted, Hand-painted, Underglaze, Sand glaze

      Size: Approximately 8.5cm at the mouth, 14cm at the widest, 20cm in height

    • This is a handmade product. You can read more about the nature of such a product here.

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