• Finally, a racquet bag that compliments your keen fashion sense, rather than clash with it. The Lido Racquet Bag is a contemporary version in the spirit of classic vintage tennis bags. This is a tri-coloured version in white, yellow and brown.


    While some may argue for the club decal on the windscreen, the most important part of a game off-court is definitely the racquet bag. How else would one keep one’s newly strung and wrapped Slazengers in pristine condition, and signify that those are racquets in the sack (and not, say, potatoes)?

    Made with vegatal dye leather, and with ample front and inner pockets, this is one accessory that will keep looking better with years of use, that is, if your ankles and elbows can keep up.



    Make it your own! An understated personalisation will surely earn you silent looks of admiration at the club. Opt for exquisitely stitched leather initials for SG$ 45 (US$ 30) (max. 3 characters)

    Lido Racquet Bag - Tricolour WYB

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    Make it Your Own
    • Venice has been the home of Terrida since Sergio Terrida and his wife Anna founded the eponymous travel leather goods company in 1970.

      Launching with all-leather crossbody bags, weekenders and hold-alls, their bags began to define a new style of luxury.
      Soon they began expanding their travel series by reimagining the luxury steamer trunks and travelling shoe cabinets with luxurious interiors.

      Second generation owners, Monica and Pierluigi upkeep this tradition of craft and innovation with creating bespoke bags for sporting equipment such leather golf bags and leather tennis bags. Terrida continues to service loyal customers who visit from all over to Venice for a genuine, made-in-Venezia leather bag.

      To this day the company extols values and principles laid down by Sergio and Anna that are characterised by an eye quality, craft and a commitment to regionally sourced materials.

      The end result is a first-quality product constructed and designed to stand the test of time.

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