• "As I draw near the moon, lavender moonlight mists.
    Juniper shakes the pleasant eve, and I feel the soft sting of verbena.
    Solitary, suspended in the boundless night, my heart returns home."


    Moonlight Memory is built around an effervescent, bright, airy structure with the focus being on the head and heart notes. The result is a beautifully herbaceous, memorable and alluring scent.


    This set comes  in 200g and 50g vessals respectively;  place one for home and toss one in your travel bag so that you'll always have your favourite scent with you!

    Moonlight Memory - Home & Travel Set

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    • 3 day weekend is a collection of organic scented candles and accessories that help you turn any day into the weekend.

      From their home in Shanghai's Old French Concession, 3dwknd has created custom-blended scents that brings light and delight anywhere, anytime.

      Hand-poured 100% organic soy wax burns smokelessly and ensures that each candle provides rich, even light from start to finish.

      3 day weekend - Embrace Your Space!

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