• Simple, thoughtful and timeless, the coffee-pours by a young design collective,  are the perfect blend of contemporary living, age-old craft and design philosophy.


    Handmade in the time-honored traditions of Jing De Zhen that rely on the expertise of local potters , these coffee-pours and cups are fired at 1300 deg Celsius to achieve the purity of whiteness that Kaolin clay is renowned for. The exterior is left unglazed to savor the tactile sensation of the clay texture,  but treated to allow for ease of removing coffee stains


    The pared-down platonic geometry is only achieved by the deliberate absence of a handle; thicker walls make it a comfortable grip.  “Enjoy the Present,  through the sensation of warmth conducted through a pot of hot coffee”.   We cannot agree more.

    Porcelain Drip Coffee Maker

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    • Origin: Jingdezhen, China

      Technique: > 1300° high temperature reduction firing

      Material: PorcelainNote: Suitable for V60 Paper Coffee Filters (not included)

      Please refer to our notes on Handmade Item.

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