• This exquisitely handmade whisky tumbler is inspired by our habit of swirling. The Spin glass unique bow-bottom and hourglass profile allow it to spin when given a light push on its side - setting off the drink's legs and aroma. To wax lyrical about the light refraction off the ribbed surface would perhaps be a tad crass. A worthy chalice in any whisky drinker’s cabinet.

    Spin Whisky Glass

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    • Material: Crystal glass

      Craft: Hand blown

      Size: Approximately 9.3cm diameter (Mouth), 6.3cm height, 5.3cm diameter (Waist)

      Capacity: 50ml at waist

      Note: Not suitable for liquids over 90°C temperature

    • This is a handmade product. You can read more about the nature of such a product here.

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