• A vivacious and wholesome island scent, Tangerine Tiger combines zesty tangerine and seductive mangos with solemn goji berry notes. The grace and lassitude of a young tiger. Radiant tropical sunshine and the easy confidence of eastern isles. 


    This set comes  in 200g and 50g vessals respectively;  place one for home and toss one in your travel bag so that you'll always have your favourite scent with you!

    Tangerine Tiger - Home & Travel Candle Set

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    • 3 day weekend is a collection of organic scented candles and accessories that help you turn any day into the weekend.

      From their home in Shanghai's Old French Concession, 3dwknd has created custom-blended scents that brings light and delight anywhere, anytime.

      Hand-poured 100% organic soy wax burns smokelessly and ensures that each candle provides rich, even light from start to finish.

      3 day weekend - Embrace Your Space!

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