• A fine quality hand-crafted white porcelain serving plate signifying abundance.  The brilliantly coloured chinoiserie twin-fish motif is pain-stakingly hand-painted and then fired as an underglaze.


    This item is crafted by highly skilled craftsmen from the city of Jingdezhen that has been producing the finest quality Chinese ceramics for at least a thousand years.


    A wonderfully chic and exotic ornamental piece that will add colour and conversation to the simplest of dinner settings.


    Please refer to our notes on Handmade Item.

    Twin Fish Porcelain Serving Plate

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    • Origin: Jingdezhen, China

      Technique: > 1300° high temperature reduction firing

      Material: Jingdezhen Kaolin clay

      Craft: Hand-crafted, Hand-painted underglaze

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