The Art (and Science) of Thoughtful Gift Giving:

The IRYNE edition

It's always good to start from who they are, or who they want to be.

Personal Stuff

At IRYNE, one thing we love as much as receiving gifts is shopping for them. Birthdays, special milestones, holiday seasons, breakup blues…anything else that gives an excuse to give gifts, really.

The thought behind a gift is often more meaningful than the gift itself. Sure, everyone enjoys a box of fair-trade chocolates, a bottle of aged whisky, or a bunch of flowers meticulously curated via video chat with the local florist.  However, the sort of gifts that make someone feel truly special is usually thoughtful and more importantly, personal.

Whilst gifts should be meaningful to the recipient, we understand buying gifts ought to be easy and convenient for the gift giver too. One way we found especially useful when shopping for that unique gift is finding something that suits their personality. Now, we are not suggesting that you get hold of their Myers-Briggs reports (although that may help, we all know an ENTJ who hosts the best dinner parties with the most precise sitting plan, or an ISFP collector-slash-hoarder who loves uniquely handmade what-nots), but it’s always good to start from who they are, or who they want to be.

Shopping for a special gift for a dear friend? Is she an avid collector of unique artisanal pieces? Does she host the best dinner parties that you would actually cancel a date for? Would he be someone who spends 30 minutes thinking whether he should carry the whangee tube or the walnut solid (when it’s not even going to rain)?

We curate our Gifts section precisely for friends like these.